For jazz audiences, I prefer curating set lists with theme and direction. The sets can be as lofty as “West Coast Jazz” “Essential Blue Note Albums” “50’s female jazz vocalists” etc or more specific and detailed, i.e built around certain musicians, selected discographies or notable periods of artists’ careers. The possibilities are endless.

For events that may progress towards more conventional parties,  I have an extensive collection of vintage exotica/lounge, movie soundtracks and very danceable soul, rhythm & blues, all on vinyl. In these situations the goal is to have a danceable, yet eclectic set list with timeless, elegant music.

Does your event need an atmosphere that feels just like a nightclub scene from 1950’s French film noir? I know what songs should be played and in what order. Want your event to have an imagined feeling of private pre-party before Truman Capote’s Black & White Ball? Or lazy Palm Springs Sunday cocktail gathering straight out of Norman Mailer’s 55′ novel “Deer Park”? I’ll provide the soundtrack.


I work mainly in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Orange County.

For 15+ years I’ve DJ’d Dark Note Society events. DNS organizes invitation-only, DJ-driven parties at unique private homes, hotel penthouses and other interesting environments. If you want to have your own pop-up jazz club at your home/location, send me an email.

vinyl, only

Genuine vinyl for a DJ is what the craft cocktail movement is for a bar;  it elevates the experience to something special and tailored. Details such as displaying LP covers “now playing”, original Blue Note, Prestige, Verve, Riverside first pressings (when available) and working in complete absence of  laptops or other digital format players will set the tone for a quality event you and your guests will find unique, exciting and memorable.

When DJ’ing jazz, there’s hardly any beat matching,  scratching or any other tricks; instead, it’s all about selecting the right tracks to create  the right moods and vibes.